About EsteeDarla

I am 47 years old all my life I had a Love and Passion for beauty,makeup,fashion,skin care. If it has to do with being femininity, girly, to just casual laid back in t shirts and shorts I loved it and still do. I believe we all have something to share and bring to the table for the next to learn from as well as each of us can learn so much from others. It doesn’t matter what age group you fall in,what sex,race,none of that applies. I can honeslty admit I learn everyday from people way younger than me to others my age to other lot older. I love learning and I make the most of it everyday. I am always getting comments on how good my skin is,how beautiful my makeup is done, when I tell people I never had any plastic surgery,botox, I use just readily avalible products we all can get. From drugstores to high end if it is something that I know I will use I will buy it. I am not going to run out and buy everything that hits the shelf just to get people coming to my channel or blog. I have to have and interest in acutely wanting and making use of the products before I will buy them. I don’t go by buying things for the name I am about “Quality” I also won’t hesitate to return something if I buy it and it isn’t what it claims and it isn’t of any use for me to use in some other kind of way. many times I buy stuff and find that product to be versatile or very helpful in use for something else, in those cases i will keep the item. Very rarely do I take anything back for one cause I either have been able to test it out frequently before hand along with lots of research, or I just took a gamble and picked it up and it worked.

I pretty much can tell if the product is going to be a hit or miss 90 percent of the time just from knowledge and experiences. I always save my receipt to return it if I need to. Cosmetics are allot of money out our pockets every year to start with . I do like to experiences and play around with different products ,I put them to the test under every element possible, I talk to allot of friends and family about products and their take , I consider thier age, the type of weather elements in their area oppose to mine, things of that nature. Forgot to mention at 43 years old I am the Baby of 13 kids ,in witch I have 8 older sisters. So I got to play in all their cosmetics makeup hair styling stuff over the years . I use to model when I was a kid and in my early teenage years,I got married had a family of my own so that was put on a back burner. The funny thing is I never let go of my secound nature hobby and love of makeup .

I am hear to share with you and equally excited to hear from you. Always remember you can Google keyword “EsteeDarla” to find me all over the internet and on all the social networks. I love to get request and ideals from you all. Hope you enjoy what I and bring now and in the future.




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